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Welcome to Community Wellness! We are passionate in helping people in our community improve their overall quality of life. We do this by providing a wholistic approach to improving your health and wellness by providing the highest quality of massage therapy treatments in Edmonton, as well as educating people on how to better care for their health. Wholistic health takes into consideration your mind, body and spirit.

Community Wellness is proud to only work with exceptional Registered Massage Therapists (RMT), who have certified education and training from accredited educational institutions. But what makes us unique, is that we have carefully selected only the most empathetic and compassionate therapists, who are passionate in their careers, to provide you with the highest quality of therapeutic care. We also have a beautifully renovated clinic in Edmonton, which creates a relaxing ambiance.

Community Wellness is Edmonton’s first and only massage therapy centre social enterprise. A social enterprise is a business with a social mission. Our social mission is to educate and mentor underprivileged youth in Edmonton and around the world. We accomplish this mission by donating 100% of our net profit to support our community.

The first non-profit charitable organization we’ve chosen to support this year is the Boys & Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sister of Edmonton.

To learn more, click ABOUT – OUR SOCIAL MISSION.


Sonya ensures an absolutely relaxing atmosphere and her Therapeutic Massage is the best that I have ever experienced. It is well worth booking your appointment with her, as you will definitely NOT be disappointed.
Leanne Levy


Sonya is tune with keeping the massage a combination of gentle therapy along with a through and through deep connective tissue and tendon healing. I began to see the effects the massage had on my chronic pain and uplifted sense of well-being more each day after the service; it really made a difference. I felt so comfortable and pleased to have had the time with her.
Adrienne Coonie-Beaulac


Outstanding customer service, the owners went well above my expectations to correct an error. They've also created a great ambience in the clinic. The massage was also among the best I've had. Lovely place and I will definitely return!
Amanda A.


This was the best massage I've ever received! First, the place is incredibly clean, comfortable and provides a relaxing atmosphere. Second, Sonya is amazing! She is very attentive, provides a great quality Thai massage treatment, and is very knowledgeable on many aspects of health and wellness. She was so supportive and encouraging in teaching me stretching exercises and techniques so that I can improve my health. I'm happy to recommend Sonya and Community Wellness to all of my family and friends!
Lucia H.


I like the ambiance of this place and Tom gave me a great massage. I've been to a ton of massage places in the past, so I can certainly appreciate the difference between an average massage and a great one. I'll be a repeat customer for sure.
Andrew M.


I've received a lot of massages in Canada and overseas. This was one of the best massages I've ever received! Tom is very knowledgeable, professional and showed me best ways to deal with my chronic pain. He was very gentle on my older injuries, while still being firm when applying deep tissue massage techniques. I'm very satisfied with his service and quality of care. Very beneficial!
Gary H.

We're Hiring!

Community Wellness Inc.

Community Wellness is Edmonton’s first and only massage therapy centre Social Enterprise. We donate 100% of our net profit to support our community. Our social mission is to educate and mentor underprivileged youth in our local and global communities.

We are looking for passionate, empathetic and independent Registered Massage Therapists with a minimum of 2,200 hours, providing the highest quality of treatments and customer service. We provide you with a warm, modern and relaxing atmosphere, all supplies and equipment, including linens, massage oils, etc, as well as cleaning and admin duties.

We offer opportunities for career and educational development in the form of funding for your educational programs. We also provide you with an opportunity to travel abroad to volunteer to support our social mission.

Joe Pavo, Manager
10830 124 Street NW.
Edmonton, AB T5M 0H3
Tel: (780) 802-2948